Pacia Life Puerto Rico

Pacia Life Puerto Rico focuses on helping young adults between the ages of 17 and 24, who are searching for guidance to fulfill their dreams. Whether it’s completing a high school diploma, starting college, learning through non-traditional experiential education/entrepreneurial ways, wanting to experience the opportunity of cultural immersion or just needing to create their life map, Pacia Puerto Rico is worth exploring. Our goal is to give young adults a transformative experience during which they find their direction and motivation, repair their relationships, move forward in education and careers, and learn to live their lives with responsibility and integrity.

Pacia Puerto Rico Experience

At Pacia Life Puerto Rico (Surf House), we are ambitiously determined to push our emerging young adults forward by empowering each of them to have sustainable self-reliance in all areas of their lives. This includes everything from setting the foundation to live in financial abundance, healthy relationships, personal well-being, to sustainable emotional regulation, strong executive functioning, grit, resilience, problem-solving skills and personal life mapping techniques.