Career Exploration

Employability and Job Search Skills

Employability skills are taught primarily during Tier Two and Three including how to find job openings, how to apply for a job, and how to maintain employment. Students learn to develop a resume, complete sample applications and engage in mock interviews. The curriculum also reviews appropriate behavior on the job, legal rights in the workplace, and typical employee benefits.
Internships at local businesses allow students to become a real part of the community. With more than 17 businesses available for internships, our students gain real world experience through career exploration, and have the opportunity to practice bi-lingual skills in a friendly setting.

Technical Skills and Professional Development

A number of online options are utilized to assist students in building their resumes and increasing employability. These options focus on improving technical skills and gaining introductory knowledge of a range of professions, including computer applications, web design and development, multimedia design, information systems, marketing and communications, accounting and bookkeeping, human resources, healthcare, medical billing and coding, real estate and many more. The focus is on take-away skills, obtaining certifications and providing a foundation for pursuing individual career interests and passions.